About us

A group of companies Linkor Group GmbH is a diversified holding that consists of multiple business-directions:

  • Production and distribution of light motorcycling uniform and accessories.
  • Production and distribution of skiing and snowboarding outfits and accessories.
  • Production and distribution of storage batteries
  • Logistics, customs and brokerage
  • PR, marketing, promo of motor-sport
  • Consulting services in auto-moto sphere. Accounting, legal and financial services.
  • Production and distribution of sportswear fabrics.  

In 1998 sportswear fabric production was commenced.

In 2004 a group named BPS Racing Team comes into existence which to this day is the strongest team at motorcycle racing.

In 2010 a storage battery business line has been launched.

In 2013 there was the release of motorcycling outfit production.

Linkor Group GmbH was created by our staff members from different business lines, who are obsessed with motorcycles and other sport disciplines to create high=quality Premium equipment.

Having collected the entire motorcycling experience, fabric production experience in summary with our own we created STARKS brand

The following releasing products respect the main concept of the brand:

Comfort / Quality / Certified Technologies / Style

The quality of the company goods, their comfort and expertise are the company’s fundamentals.

The main value of the company are clients.

That is why it is very important for us to have feedback, therefore each of our clients gets a personal manager who is ready solve any issue really fast. Our quality and reclamation department can review any application within 48 hours. Also our clients get marketing support and do the staff tutoring. Thanks to convenient location of our workshops and warehouses in Eastern and Central Europe, our deliveries are really prompt.

Since 2014 Linkor Group GmbH is an official trader of Yuasa batteries in the territory of Germany, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.    

Join our professional team so we can make motorcycling more safe and comfortable.   


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