As part of the internal tests of the company Linkor, as well as the state tender for the procurement of the supply of uniforms for the traffic police officers was conducted an independent test of STARKS motorcycle jeans. Testing was conducted in Moscow, in September 2018. It is a test for abrasion in real conditions on rough asphalt at speeds up to 40km/h
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Our products were tested by independent journalists in Europe and USA. For example, our thermal underwear and balaclava were tested by italian journalists for italian magazine Motoslitte Magazine in West Yellowstone, USA.
Special print STARKS ®.
About STARKS luggage net
We have already received several feedbacks from our customers about STARKS luggage net.
STARKS luggage net is very necessary for traveling (for example, if you need to carry something that does not fit in the backpack) and not only!
Many times saved our customers!
Practical attachment! The hooks are rubberized and do not scratch!
Excellent keep the helmet, without chatter, does not move!
Everything is super!

Have a good vacations time!
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